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An extract from the message by Tun Hussein Onn to the voters of Parit Raja reads:

"We all support UMNO's struggle. We all love UMNO. We still want to remain UMNO members. But the party we support, love and wish to be associated with is the ORIGINAL UMNO - the UMNO formed in 1946 by my late father and championed by YTM Tunku, by the late Tun Razak, by myself and for a certain period of time, by YAB Dr. Mahathir himself."

My question is, where is this ORIGINAL UMNO Now ?. The UMNO loved by all Malays, which had united the Malays with other races, which had brought prosperity and tranquality to this nation and its people and which had successfully fought for Independence - that UMNO is no more in existence. It was declared ILLEGAL and DISSOLVED by Dr. Mahathir and his friends and replaced by another party named UMNO Baru. If we were to compare UMNO Baru's form and structure to that of original UMNO, whether from the angle of its constitution or principles, where do we find any similarities between the two ?. The formation of UMNO Baru is an act of treachery and cannot be forgiven either by the members of the original UMNO or new UMNO. Despite the deterioration in my health including a hearth attack, I responded by declaring that I would fight the traitors till the bitter end.

I led the Malays when Dato' Onn wanted to change UMNO's rule to open its door to other Malayans. I was chosen to replace Dato' Onn. When Dato' Onn withdrew from UMNO, it was said by Dato' Onn himself, "This is the man most qualified to be the leader of UMNO, for UMNO was born in a palace and now a member of a royal family leads the party." Dato Onn did not use his power or strength to continue leading UMNO, though he was holding power at that time. He realized that should he continue to lead UMNO which he could have done, Malay unity would certainly break up. He stepped down. What was important to him was that the Malays remained strong and united. Dato Onn withdrew in a dignified manner.

After me, Tun Razak became the President of UMNO. Times changed. Political situations changed with them. The Alliance was changed to Barisan Nasional, and its doors were opened to other political parties. UMNO remained strong and united. Our friends grew in number when political parties from Sabah and Sarawak merged with us in the interest of the nation. Tun Razak was succeeded by Tun Hussein Onn. UMNO membership grew, and so did Barisan Nasional's membership. Then came this man Dr. Mahathir who was appointed by Tun Hussein Onn to succeed him. There was no change in UMNO at the begining. But not long after he came to power, slowly he began amending the nation's Constitution and laws in order to increase his powers. This created dissatisfaction among the people and provoked their anger.

In the 1987 UMNO General Assembly Dr. Mahathir nearly lost the Presidency. As unregistered brances were later found to have sent delegates to the assembly, the results of the election were declared null and void. What Dr. Mahathir should have done was to hold a fresh General Assembly to rectify the situation and legalize UMNO, This he refused to do as he was affraid of losing his place in a new election. He ran away and formed a new party registered it as "UMNO Baru". He appointed himself as the President. He has the power to appoint the Supreme Council Members, the Wanita Chief and UMNO Youth Chief. And he has also the power to appoint divisional heads. Now how can one compare this UMNO Baru with the original UMNO ?."

Those who criticised his move were sacked and not allowed to join UMNO Baru. Opposition politicians were arrested under the ISA. The Lord President, Tun Salleh Abas, was removed. when five Supreme Court Judges disagreed with this action, they were suspended. Three were subsequently reinstated but two were sacked. This action against the Lord President and the Supreme Court Judges was the most despicable act committed anywhere.

Dato' Abdullah Badawi, the Vice President of UMNO Baru, had said in a speech at Taman Maju, Parit Raja, which was published by the STAR on 12 October 1988, that this change was to give the Malays the full power to rule Malaysia. But in actual fact even now we have the power to administer the goverment with the Malay officers controlling everything including defence and the nation's security, except commerce and trade which is in the hand of others. If we were to use force and exercise direct control over commerce and trade, our economy will suffer. We have to share and work together with our trade partners from all communities and levels in the interest of our economy and for the prosperity of our nation.

The power sought by UMNO Baru is for the interest of a handful of Malay leaders only, others are simply left out. When non Malays were not allowed to conduct trade and business here, our country will be impoverished. As a result, we will not have the money to develop the country for the people's interest. Even now the Malaysian Goverment has a huge foreign debt. The wage earning population is facing increasing hardship; no salary increase but prices of essentials keep soaring up.

I remember the story of a dog with a piece of meat in its mouth crossing a bridge. It looked into the river and saw another dog with a piece of meat - in actual fact its own shadow. But because of its greed, it dropped the meat in its mouth to grab "the other dog's meat". It thus lost the only piece of meat it had. The moral of this story is that the greedy will end up losing everything. We should be wary of the greedyman who wants to grab everything in this country to satisfy his lust for power. He says it is for the Malays, but in actual fact it is for himself. We must bear in mind that the Malays had never lived in affluence and never had a place in the administration of this country. When this country achieved Independence, we gained power with the cooperation of other communities. We were able to rule our own country. We should therefore, never be arrogant and break our promise to our friends in the other communities who had helped us to achieve independence. We should not be greedy and grab all the wealth of this country. As the Malay saying goes "His own stomach is full but he still wants to take the other's food." We must be fair to the others and live with mutual understanding and be in good terms with all the people of this country for it is the only way we can guarantee security and peace.

We should, therefore, take over the administration of this country, revive the original UMNO and return to the system of Parlimentary Democracy. All power is in the hand of the people, provided the people use the power wisely. That solidarity can only be achieved through UMNO, the ORIGINAL UMNO, NOT UMNO Baru - which is Dr. Mahathir's UMNO.

(Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj)

{Adalah diharapkan sedutan ucapan dalam Bahasa Inggeris ini boleh dan dapat difahami oleh semua ahli-ahli UMNO Baru(A). Memandangkan kebanyakan ahli-ahli UMNO Baru(A) yang tinggal dalam berhala usang UMNO Baru(A) kini ialah yang buta bahasa (bodoh) kerana ramai yang celik bahasa (pandai) dan professional telah meninggalkannya dan menyertai parti komponen Barisan Pilihan (BA). Begitu ramai sekali pegawai awam Kumpulan A (pengurusan/profesional) telah berdaftar sebagai ahli parti-parti komponen Barisan Pilihan (BA), malah ada yang telah mengambil resiko meletakkan jawatan untuk bertanding atas tiket Barisan Pilihan (BA) pada pilihanraya umum yang lalu, kerana ruang serta peluang mereka menjadi ahli UMNO Baru(A) disekat oleh mereka yang berkarat, buta dan tuli ini [Banyak Kureng !!!.. mungkin juga mereka yang seangkatan dengan Yan Dol].

Buat Yan Dol dan Ahli-Ahli UMNO Baru(A) yang masih buta (mata & hati) dan tuli (telinga & hidung) yang sentiasa berkarat dulu, kini dan selamanya mungkin sampai ke kubur !!!... yang sentiasa berjuang untuk perut dan bawah perut, renungkanlah sejarah UMNO Baru(A) sebenarnya ini !!!... Jadi kalau nak sambut ulangtahun UMNO jangan tersilap tarikh pula, takut disambut pula ulangtahun UMNO ORIGINAL (1946) yang telah terkubur itu !... nanti bangkit pula dia dari kubur dan disamannya, UMNO Baru(A), baru tahu !...Kena pula hakim Gula-Gula Hacks atau hakim Ariffin Joker naya, kalau tak 6 atau 9 tahun mungkin (6+9) atau dihantar kekubur pula UMNO Baru(A) yang sedang dikapan itu secara penghakiman dacing BN yang senget, dan tak dipakai peniaga lagi itu. Sedarlah, bangkitlah dan hiduplah di alam nyata wahai ahli-ahli UMNO Baru(A), UMNO ORIGINAL itu telah mati, yang ada ialah UMNO Baru - UMNO Dr. Mahathir, yang diiktiraf sebagai UMNO Baru(A) semasa perhimpunan agongnya beberapa tahun lepas.

Macam KFClah ada KFC ORIGINAL dan ada KFC HOT&SPICY. Maka orang lebih suka dengan yang original dan bukan yang hot&spicy, budak-budak lagi tak suka - pedas kata mereka !. Patutlah Puteri UMNO Baru(A) tak dapat sambutan daripada mereka yang berhaid, dan Putera UMNO Baru(A) tersentak dari mimpi tersepit kote dan mula menggerakkan usaha meningkatkan ahli baru dari kalangan belia sedangkan sebahagian besar mereka-mereka itu sudahpun berarak berduyun-duyun di Sogo dan 100,000 lebih di Jalan Kebun sambil melaungkang kata-kata keramat "Reformasi !!!..." dan memuji keagongan Allah SWT "Allahuakbar !!!...". Maka kepada ahli-ahli UMNO Baru(A) muhasabah dirilah anda semua, sesungguhnya UMNO Baru(A) telah layu dan tidak langsung relevan lagi kepada orang Melayu, lebih-lebih lagi perjuangan menegakkan ISLAM maka marilah dan berbondong-bondonglah anda semua bersatu menyertai wadah yang memperjuangkan keADILan berteraskan Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah. Ketahuilah bahawa perjuangan mendaulatkan bangsa Melayu adalah terlalu danggal dan sempit, sebaliknya perjuangan menegakkan keADILan dan ISLAM adalah lebih utama dan akan sentiasa mendapat keredhaan Allah SWT serta mendapat ganjaran yang dijanjikanNya baik di dunia dan di akhirat. Hentikanlah perjuangan assabiah/sekular yang sia-sia itu kembalilah kepada ISLAM yang syumul ini.

Sesungguhnya MELAYU bukanlah matlamat kehidupan ini sebaliknya ISLAM adalah satu-satunya matlamat yang mutlak. Apalah guna Melayu kita jika ISLAM diinjak-injak oleh orang [email protected] sebegini rupa. Adalah lebih baik kita ini CHINA, adalah baik kita ini INDIA, adalah baik kita ini KHADAZAN, adalah baik kita ini BAJAU, adalah baik kita ini JAWA, adalah baik kita ini ORANG ASLI dan adalah baik kita ini APA BANGSA sekalipun; asalkan kita ISLAM !!!... Jelas bahawa perjuangan ISLAM merentasi batasan geografi, demografi dan segalanya !!!... Apalah gunanya kita MELAYU tetapi tidak ISLAM dan kalaupun mengaku ISLAM tetapi tidak menghayati semua tuntutan agama ISLAM itu sendiri !!!... Tafsiran ISLAM oleh UMNO Baru(A) terlalu sempit. Hukum Islam yang qatie' diperlekeh sebagai ekstrim, sembrono, begitu sahaja mengikut "akal terencat dan buntut yang kecut berkemut" menahan "HeadOfTheShit" itu dari terpancut sahaja, tanpa merujuk dalil naqli.}

"YAB. Hj. Ir. Dr. Prof. WHO 2004"

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