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Firaun Kalah Dengan Nabi Musa as

Kerja Nabi Musa ialah mengajak manusia mentaati Allah. Itu sahaja.

The Basis of the Effort is YAKIN (conviction).Allah says "Qul Haziihi.....ala BASIRATIN .....) Basirat means YAKIN (conviction). It should come upon our hearts,what is the Yakin in me and the whole mankind.Through Yakin the sacrifices will come,without that what will come out of this Effort. Rasulullah saw made effort on the Sahabat ra on the basis of Yakin.The measurement of yakin was on the Demands (Takaza) of the effort.When the demands came they did not look at the conditions of their Dunya but only at the words and promises of Rasulullah saw. When Yakin on the effort comes then perserverance and Istiqamah (steadfastness) will come.Rasulullah saw has brought the Sahabat ra to the Mizaj.There are three things 1. The effort 2. the method of the effort 3. the MIZAJ of the effort.The MIZAJ is what Rasulullah s.a.w wants.One sahabi ra built a dome and when he saw changes on the face of Rasulullah s.a.w,he immediately destroyed it.Another Sahabi ra wore a gold ring and when he noticed changes on Rasulullah s.a.w face,he threw the ring away.They understood the MIZAJ of Rasulullah saw. Without the MIZAJ this Ummah will never be brought to be the UMMAH.

In every aspect we should bring it to the MIZAJ of Nabuwat.In our Imaniat,ibadat,muasyarat,muamalat and ahklaq.Rasulullah s.a.w was brought to this Mizaj by Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w brought the Sahabat ra to the Mizaj of the Nabuwat.

In this Mizaj, the basis (foundation) is that Rasulullah s.a.w has been sent to each and everyone,the Sahabat ra Bilal was from Habsyi,Suhail from Rome,rich and poor and the beauty of the MIZAJ of Nabuwat is that work was taken from the abilities and capabilities of each and every category of the Sahabat ra.The name Sahabat was given by Allah.Allah says call them Sahabi.

The hidden help (nusrah) of Allah will come through the Istimaiyat (collectiveness) of this Ummah,where each and every one,immaterial of race,creed etc.Istimaiyat is to bring the feelings of the Ummah.Qaumi will break the work.

The asbab (causes) of the nusrah (help) are on 1.DAKWAH and 2. ISTIMAIYAT (UNITY).Allah says which means "Allah is sufficient for you and those with you".Allah send guidance to unite the UMMAH.

The rich from the quraish came to Rasulullah saw to request for a special and separate meeting with Rasulullah saw.Rsulullah s.a.w has no personal interest but only thinking of convincing the rich quraish so he agrees and an agreement was drafted to that effect by Hadrat Ali ra.

While the meeting was held a blind Sahabi,Abdullah Maktoom ra entered and Rasulullah s.a.w got angry with him and Abdullah ra cried and Allah revealed an ayat to Rasulullah in warning. Rasulullah s.a.w tore the agreement.Allah taught Rasulullah s.a.w on how to unite the UMMAH.This is the Mizaj of the work.

For Istimaiyat(unity) to be established Allah says 1.Forgive them 2. ask forgiveness for them 3. make mesyuarat with them.

If these three qualities are with us the help of Allah will be with us.Allah promises 50 times more in terms of help and rewards will come because of our weaknesses.

1.Between you and them,you forgive them 2. Between them and Allah, you ask forgiveness for them 3. Consult them in your affairs. Hadrat Umar ra went with Abdullah Masaud ra to patrol Medina and they came upon a house belonging to an elderly Sahabi.Hadrat Umar ra climbed over the wall and found the elderly Sahabi ra drinking liquor and listening to the singing of a young woman.Hadrat Umar ra says I have never seen such a bad sight.Then the elderly Sahabi ra replied that he also has not seen such a bad sight for I have broken one syariat but you have broken three i.e. entering without salam and entering not through the main door and spying upon others with Tajasul (finding faults).Hadrat Umar ra cried and he never told Abdullah Masud what happened and they left. After that the elderly Sahabi retreated from the society.Once there was a gathering in the Masjid Nabawi and the elderly Sahabi was there so Hadrat Umar ra called him closer and whispered to him saying that he has not reveal that night to anybody.The elderly sahabi whispered to him saying that since that night he has not drank a drop of liquor anymore.When the mistakes of this ummat are concealed then it will go away.The problem will be spread through speaking of the ill.

To conceal the mistakes of others takes a lot of sacrifices and mujahadah. A very important factor should be taken care and should be increased in us that is the reputation of our workers should be protected and upgraded.Maulana Elias rah says our effort is the trading of good qualities.Once Hadrat Umar ra asked Aslam ra to stay guard so he can take some rest.At that time a Sahabi ra came and wanted to see hadrat Umar ra but was stopped by Aslam ra, he slapped Aslam.Hadrat Umar ra inquired and then he told Aslam ra, which should be a lesson to us all,"That animal in the jungle that is wounded will be eaten by the rest of the animals". Once in a gathering ,someone passed wind and Umar ra says whosoever pass wind should go and renew his ablution(wudhu).Abu Jalil ra says will it not be better if all of us should go and renew our wudhu.Umar ra was at peace with that statement and he says Oh! Abu Jalil during the times of the Jahiliah you were a great leader and in Islam also you are a great leader. The hadits of Rasulullah s.a.w says "It is a great favour from Allah whereby someone has a group of people around him and reminded him when he forgets and helps him". We must bring the Mizaj of the Nabuwat in our lives.Today people are acquainted with the effort but because of our Dealings,Muamalat,Muasyarat,Ahklaq, they go away from the effort. People were attracted to the Sahabat ra because of the Mizaj of Nabuwat in their life.Rasulullah s.a.w told the Sahabat ra not to speak about Abu Jahal infront of Ikramah ra. Disunity in the hearts, even we are doing tahajjud, will be deprived of the help from Allah i.e. the help of Allah will not be with us. The importance of mesyuarat,it is the replacement of WAHI. In Quran Allah places the importance of Mesyuarat like Solat. An ayat to this meaning "Establish Solat and have mutual consultations with each other".Making mesyuarat means to use the life accordingly. In mesyuarat Allah will unite their hearts,Their fikir will be increased and it will create unity in the workers.

Mesyuarat done in the correct manner will create UNITY and Mesyuarat done in the incorrect manner will create DISUNITY. Mesyuarat like Solat is done collectively and Mesyuarat like Solat is an important part of Deen.Mesyuarat is not just decision making,the more opinions are asked, then mesyuarat will be done in a more open perspective.A gold ring has to go through ten people in order to have a good production out of it. To broaden the mesyuarat is through asking opinion of many workers and in this manner the unity of hearts will also be established.

All the requirements of the work should be infront of everybody.We should not conceal the needs of the work from others.Everyone should be brought to give opinions and the matters has to be discussed openly.If everyone opinion is asked then the abilities and capabilities of the workers will be upgraded.The place to give opinions is in the mesyuarat and discussed there.These are the tertibs of Nabuwat. Hadrat Umar ra is known that the angels speaks through his tongue.

Some Sahabat ra requested Hadrat Abu Bakar ra to give them a piece of barren land for them to work on so something will be made out of it to strenghten the Deen. Abu Bakar agrees and an agreement was drafted and Abu bakar told them to bring it to Hadrat Umar ra so that he too will sign on it. When it was presented to Hadrat Umar ra he tore it and told them that it was the practice of the previous time that wealth was given to strenghten Deen but not now and I do not dare about it.The Sahabat ra came to Abu Bakar ra and told him and asked 'Now who is the Amir, Umar or you". Hadrat Abu Bakar ra replied that the Amir is Umar ra but your obedience should be to me thus the doors of fitnah was closed.We should bring this effort to the Mizaj of the Nabuwat. To be accepted by Allah we have to adopt these manners.

Ikhlas and Istikhlas (single mindedness) will make us progress.Whatever sacrifices one is giving, Allah will bring conditions (test) upon him so as to make for his tarbiyah (upgrading) in accorance to his sacrifices.If they are istiqamah Allah will surfice for him. Unfortunately we have not come to the path as the INVITER but we are still the invited.Ibrahim as goes through all the conditions and then Allah told him 'Now you are the Imam to be followed". Rasulullah s.a.w says my sufferings was the greatest,the fikir for the whole UMMAH and to face all aspect of grevious conditions.

In istikhlas (singlemindedness) the Mizaj should be whatever anything will be the obstacles I will leave it. Takaza are from Allah,this work is from Allah the more we fulfil the Takaza (demands) the more we will progress. Suhail and Harris Hisyam ra were with Hadrat Umar ra,they were early sitting infront but was eventually pushed back until they reached the place for the shoes.They asked why we are here and they themselves answered saying when Takaza was put infront of them,those people were fulfilling it but not us so we are pushed back. Keep to the environment of the effort. When conditions comes upon us ask the Elders for guidance. Asking should be done collectively. The mesyuarat should be done in the same pattern in the Masjid or in the city mesyuarat or the Zonal mesyuarat then to Nizamudeen. Individually asking will create confusion. One Sahabi ra came to Rasulullah s.a.w and told him about the hunger of the Jamaat and asked for permission to slaughter the camel and Rasulullah s.a.w give permission for that. When he was to slaughter the camel,Umar ra came and he stopped him and he says I have permission from Rasulullah s.a.w.Umar ra came to Rasulullah s.a.w and he says if you permits him to do it then we will have problems during our journey.

Rasulullah s.a.w give his shoe to Abu Hurairah ra and ask him to declare that whoever recite the kalimah he will go to Jannah. Umar ra pushed Abu Hurairah ra and stopped him.Umar ra told Rasulullah s.a.w if you permit this then they will not carry out other amal. Rasulullah s.a.w retracted his decision on the advice of his Sahabat ra unlike today we think our decision is final, no matter what nobody can change it.

Make Jamaat and go to the Elders and learn from the elders. Ask our Elders COLLECTIVELY and present with collectiveness, not to one or two individual,whenever the Elders gather like in Raiwind Ijtimak, Tongi, Haj or during our Safar like this in America. If matters are urgent, collectively send one copy to Nizamudeen and one copy to Raiwind. If the reply is late, be patient because we have to make mesyuarat with each other. Hj Yusuf Khan rah from Thailand used to fly to Nizamudeen on behalf of others to ask for guidance.

Form Jamaat and go to Nizamudeen and Raiwind.

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