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Afghanistan menggelegak - komando Amerika mati

Afghanistan Boils As Mujahideen Carry Out 22 Attacks In Last Ten Days
Jan 29, 2003

Source: Zafir Jamaal, Jihad Unspun Staff Reporter

A special report from the Afghan capital has revealed 22 attacks have been carried out against American troops in the last 10 days, many that have claimed lives of US marines and Afghan soldiers.

Sources say that as many as 11 US soldiers have been killed and 29 injured in attacks on allied forces in lawless Afghanistan. Americans have come under attack for the first time in Maza-i-Sharif where two were killed when unknown gunmen sprayed bullets on the US convoy. Three others were also injured in the attack. American forces were also caught in a surprise ambush as they were monitoring the UN-sponsored disarmament campaign in the north. Daily Islam reported quoting unconfirmed sources in Afghanistan that more than 900 US troops deployed to monitor the disarmament program in Jauzan, Samangan, Sar-i-Pul, Baghlan, Kunduz, Takhar and other provinces face continuious security threats from rebel warlords and local Mujahideen.

Reports coming from southern province of Uruzgan said a US combat helicopter was destroyed when Mujahideen rocked the Darra-i-Noor base during night. Several troops reported to be killed in the attack while the Mujahideen escaped under the cover of darkness. Unconfirmed sources say more attacks took place in Yawar, Lawara, Kunnar and Zurmat where Mujahideen lobbed grenades at US bases and helipads. Allied forces in Zurmat were attacked by 4 assailants riding horses which claimed lives of 4 troops and soon after B 52 bombers were called in who after the unprecedented attack and heavily shelled the area.

US troops daily come under attack by unknown assailants, many of them are believed to be loyal to Taliban. At other times, Afghan civilians have also attacked foreign troops based in Afghanistan, condemning their occupation and inhuman bombing. Take this incident as precedent: A US marine was stabbed to death by an Afghan trader who shot him in the stomach but authorities at Kandahar base denied the fact and said that he was rather shot by hostile fire.

These latest attacks clearly indicate that the war in Afghanistan is far from over and that worn-torn Afghanistan is once again in turmoil.

Daily Islam contributed to the report.

US Aircraft Shot Down in Paktika
Posted on Thursday, January 30 @ 01:06:11 ICT By Pak Taliban

MEERANSHAH (AZZAM): Mujahideen shot down US transport aircraft in the Afghan province of Paktika. The coalition troops were also attacked with rockets in Paktika province.

On Sunday night a US transport plane was on a routine flight when Mujahdieen shot down the aircraft with either missile or rocket fire. The aircraft was destroyed at Sharna Marooza, a deserted region of the province. Supplies worth billions of dollars were all destroyed while many US commandos on board were also killed along with the cabin crew. The coalition warplanes made air search and rescue operations while ground troops launched an intensive ground search operation. Heavy ammunition storage was recovered in this ground search operation. The dead and injured were also shifted to the medical center at Bagram.

Another attack was conducted in the Urgun region of Paktika province. Mujahideen fired two missiles at approxiatmely 2 AM on Sunday targeting coalition forces location. No loss of lives were reported.

Missile Attack at Sahara Garden Khost Airport

KHOST (AZZAM): Mujahideen units rocked the Sahara Garden Khost airport using 15 missile on Sunday night. All 15 missiles hit their targets and cries for help were heard all around. This attack was carried out at about 1 AM on Sunday morning. The US helicopters transported the dead and injured to Bagram. The coalition troops on Sunday morning sealed the Pak-Afghan border checkpost and searched local people but no suspects were arrested. These troops arrived at the checkpoint in a convoy of 30 military vehicles. The loss of lives were kept secret but a high number of casualties is expected.

A large-scale fight of Afghans with US troops in Afghanistan continues on Tuesda
Posted on Thursday, January 30 @ 00:24:05 ICT By She Taliban

KANADHAR, Jan 29 (NNI): The US-led coalition forces are battling with the armed Afghans belonging to Engineer Gulbaddin Hekmatyar of Hizb-e-Islami Afghanistan in the mountain range of Kandahar near Spin Boldak.

"As many as 18 armed Afghans were killed in the fight that is the first large scale clash of the coalition troops in Afghanistan since March last year," the spokesman of the US military Colonel Roger King said in Kabul on Tuesday.

He, however said that the coalition forces faced no life loss while claiming these fighting Afghans as rebels in the South of Afghanistan almost 25 kilometers from Pakistani tribal areas.

American war planes, B-52 are bombing the attackers in their locations at the mountains of Spin Boldak and it is believed that most of the life loss of the fighting Afghans took place due to the bombing that is continued time to time throughout Monday and Tuesday, it is learnt.

However, the claim of killings is believed one sided as no body from the fighting Afghans side made any claim so far.

According to the US military spokesman, the men fighting with the US troops are touching a number of 80 and are equipped with latest guns.

The clash started some days back when one man of the local population in the area was killed and another was arrested by the coalition troops. The clash turned into a full fledge fighting when the US side dispatched American B-1 bombers, F-16s and AC-130 gunship helicopters in the vicinity.

The spokesman of the Governor of Kandahar, Khaled Pushtoon said that the local Afghans are also fighting against the American troops while siding to the armed men of Hekmatyar.

The fight started on Monday morning when the US-led coalition forces started search after hearing that the remnants of al-Qaeda and Taleban are regrouping with the men of Hekmatyar.

Hekmatyar, who has been living out of Afghanistan for six years, had recently announced a jihad against foreign troops in Afghanistan and reportedly joined hands with remnants of Taliban and the terrorist al-Qaeda network in the region.

However, the Americans and rest of the world do not know living place of Hekmatyar. It is largely believed that he is very much hiding some where in Afghanistan.


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