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Penglibatan polis dalam aktiviti Umno - Pembangkang, NGO serah memo bantahan

Yap Mun Ching
2:29pm Thu Jun 12th, 2003

The Youth leaders of PAS and Keadilan today submitted a protest letter to Bukit Aman over what they claimed was direct involvement of several officers in Umno activities.

According to them, 10 police officers were found to be listed as committee members in an on-going recruitment programme organised by Umno Youth and Puteri Umno.

DSP Shaharon Anuar Abdul Latif of the Bukit Aman public affairs bureau accepted the letter, but declined to comment saying that his duty was only to forward the complaint to the police chief.

In the letter addressed to the Inspector-General of Police Norian Mai (photo), they said the involvement of the police was questionable because the institution should be free from political association.

"We have attached the names of officers involved in the Umno recruitment convoy programme. The police chief must explain and be responsible for this matter," they said in the letter, copies of which were distributed to the press.

"While the police force is responsible for public peace and security, this is not an excuse for officers to join the organising committee to ensure the success of the programme."

An appendix to the letter listed the names of all 68 persons in the Umno programme committee. The list includes the names and badge numbers of 15 police officers.

The protest letter was supported by eight organisations, including other opposition parties and non-governmental organisations.

Perception of bias

At a press conference outside the Bukit Aman police headquarters, Keadilan Youth information chief Badrul Hisham Shaharin said lodging the protest was the groupís first step in expressing dissatisfaction over the matter.

"The police are often involved in these activities but lately, it has become more evident. We understand that the police have to ensure peace and security, but it does not make sense for them to be part of the organising committee as well," he said.

"The police force, as a national institution, should be free of political affiliation. They should act fairly towards all political parties. However, we see they are not making any effort to disprove public perception that they are part of the Barisan Nasional machinery."

PAS deputy youth chief Idris Ahmad described an occasion when he had come across the Umno convoy.

"I was heading towards Kamunting from the Taiping highway. I thought it was a royal convoy but instead, I saw the police stopping other vehicles to make way for cars marked with Umno stickers. I also saw Puteri Umno members in their pink attire," he said.

"The recruitment programme itself is not our business. It is their right to (recruit). We only ask that the police do not stop us when we organise similar events, and provide us logistical support."

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