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Nation wide boycott

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 21:59:34 -0800 (PST)
From: reform mist
Subject: nation wide boycott
To: [email protected]

Nation wide boycott

Dear Malaysians,

First of all I would like to apologize for my bad English and for what Iím going to write down here.

Come back to the subject, the main reason which made me to write this letter is that, I could not stand anymore with this corrupted government. There is a lot convincing evidences of corruption in the net even though the government is using all their effort to cover-up on the other public media. This cancer has been building up for so very long time until it became so big and impossible for then to cover-up. Even the prime minister himself is practicing corruption, for instance the SCOMI scandal as you can see the attachment herewith is one of that evidence.

Using government fund, which means our money to finance their election campaign. Another good example is that how the government convicted Datuk Seri Anwar with all those ridiculous charges, even the small boy knows he is innocent. There are so many wrong doings till its can be as thick as encyclopedia if you print it hard copy, might even more than that.

And recently the general election blundered with many incidences and mishaps and they claims it was only technical problem but the real story is that, they were manipulating the voterís registration list in order to get phantom voters over to the oppositionís strong hold area. Hence there were about 70000 phantoms emerged in the PAS ruling states.

Thatís why that particular state suffered out of common sense sudden losses with huge majority to ruling party. One of the state seat won by PAS by ridiculously 2 votes.

At one place they found only rubbish in one of the ballot box as mention on TV news,

Why? you know why. Who has total access to ballot box? Election commission (EC). Which department govern the EC? Prime Minister Department that is ruling party.

How come? EC suppose to be a neutral and independent body. Itís going to be another encyclopedia kind of thickness if Iím going to write down all those entire fishy stories about this election.

In fact the EC chairman has called for an external, independent and neutral body, to conduct the investigation on EC wrong doings as mention in star newspaper on March 25, 2004. Please check the attachment herewith regarding the star newspaper report. Then as usual they cowardly prohibited that kind of investigation as mention on TV3 news on March 28, 2004. They only permit the internal people to do the investigation. And the report will be produced after 4 months of time.

Isnít it so obvious that, they are trying to cover up? Investigate among them and produce the report to the public after 4 months. I am sure 4 months is enough time for them to create a good cheating story.

If you like to know the real election result, I think you can bring the ballot box to every Malaysians house for voting and Iím sure youíll be surprised with the result. Donít let the government know you do that, otherwise they will cowardly prohibited you to do that or they will bring down the phantom voters again.

It so obvious that the government was cheating on the ballot box in order for them to maintain their ruling power. There goes our only democratic chance we have to get fresh, new and clean government for at least five years. I wonder for how long we should live and taking order from this corrupted government.

Dear Malaysians itís time for us to put this to the stopping point, itís time for us to take real action. We can do this as long as we stick together and united. Donít be like before only small group of people dare to come forward and that was easy for them to contain. Do you think they still manage to handle if we initiate nation wide boycott.

My suggestion is that, we boycott the 31August 04 Independence Day celebration? No point to celebrate anyway as we are actually not independent. We being ruled by modern day corrupted dictator who is cheating on ballot box. Let them and their cronies parading among them selves, celebrating national day with no people watching.

But before we do that, I think we should demand a new, fresh, fair and transparent general election? And it will be conducted by a neutral and independent group of people. With a legitimate, true and fair list of voterís registration and with a new system of polling procedure to avoid cheating again.

Let give them time frame till 31august04 to comply. And if they still stubborn, then its time for us to initiate the second phase a little bit harsh type of boycott. I suggest we should stop paying bills, any kind of bills that belong to government and their cronies, toll, parking tickets, assessments, taxes, licenses, speeding tickets, road taxes, utilities, phones, sewerage, traffic summons etc. commencing on 1September04 and we hold there as long as we can.

No point paying them anyway as they will wrongfully used our money for their good self like financing their election campaign, buying voters, organize phantom voters, bribing the opposition candidates to pulling out from contesting etc.

Let our economy shaking a little bit. Itís better to be shaking a little now rather than itís became too late to save. Cause with this corrupted government our economy will be in trouble soon or later anyway.

For example please look at other countries around the globe; some of them suffered out of control corruption that causes the economic havoc and very hard for their economy to recover. Do you want your country to be one of it? Another good example is Japan, as you can see their leaders, whoever accused to be corrupted; he or she will resigns within very short of time. And they emerged as one the most developed nation in the world.

For those who received this letter please forward this letter to other Malaysian citizen by any means of mail, e-mail, fax, sms, courier, post office etc. and who has good evidence please attached it together with this letter. Those who have better idea, and like to write your own letter please do so. I also encourage you all to write on other languages as well. Let use the information technology as powerful tool to propagate the truth to entire Malaysians.

Dear Malaysians lets do this for once and for all. For the sake of our beloved country before itís too late.

Terbitan : 4 April 2004

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