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Kredibiliti Azalina Tercabar

Sila lihat article di bawah:

"I refer to JJ Ray's letter, Hope and Glory for Azalina. Glory, maybe - for her, of course - but hope?

I've read article after article seeking to analyse this young woman's recent appointment to the seat of Youth and Sports Minister. Most conclude by express confidence and sincere hope in her. How terribly disillusioned these people are, but I shall not go on and on about specific incidents - which are too numerous to be stated in this short letter anyway - lest I be accused of launching a "personal attack", as this young woman's camp like to call every criticism towards their Lord-Suzeraine-of-the-Universe be they constructive or not. But I shall explain a little further, just a little, lest I be called evasive by other parties. Nevermind what people think of me, here goes:

Granted one should always be given the chance to prove himself, but since he must be a person with genuine efforts and abilities to prove himself, how could a faker do so? As the saying goes nowadays, any man can be a leader so long as he has a good team doing his job for him. You see, it's all about packaging. The public likes this packaging called Azalina. And trust me, there are more than enough make-up artists to make sure you and I don't get to see the less than satisfactory contents in the packaging.

So, there you have it. The public may not know or make much sense of what I'm saying. Maybe one day some of you out there will get to see what I mean. Some of us will never get to see it. I know as a fact that the powers that be know about all these and more, but they have their own agenda. This young woman either doesn't realise she's being used as a pawn or she's just prostituting herself further to reap more profits while she still can. Note that I use the phrase 'prostituting herself FURTHER'. She may go far, she may not. Who knows. I won't say 'who cares' because we really should care if she goes further.

It's strange that Azalina should mention about getting feedback directly from the public regarding matters within the jurisdiction of her new portfolio, because, if you noticed, the very tool for disseminating information to the public, that is her ministry's website, hasn't been updated since she took office. It still informs the public that Hishammuddin Hussein is the Minister. Just take a look at other ministry's websites. Hishammuddin's ministry made changes on the very day he took office. Khaled Nordin's ministry is even more impressive by making substantial changes to the website almost immediately after he took office. And to think that they didn't make so much noise and brouhaha to announce their arrival at the ministry. As the cliche goes, empty vessels makes the most noise. So the moral of the story is - talk less, do more. And do it by yourself in a more genuine manner."

Biasalah tu...

Terbitan : 1 Mei 2004

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