Apple Memperkenalkan iMac Desktops
Tarikh : Friday, March 13 @ 10:03:59 MYT
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Apple iMac 20-inch and 24-inch Desktops Posted by admin Labels: Apple iMac If you need a good computer, this news is for you! Apple has recently announced the creation of its new line of iMac desktop PCs, which continues its tradition of innovation, perfection, and quality.

Of course, these are not the first PCs of this series, for Apple keeps on with improving its gadgets. And these long-awaited computers with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors are already available: you will have to pay approximately 1199 USD for the 20-inch model (it is by 0 cheaper than the previous 20-inch PC), and the 24-inch PC will cost you 1,499 USD.

The design of the new iMac 20-inch and 24-inch desktops is exclusive and elegant: they have anodized aluminum frame and glass cover, and the end result is impressive and sleek. The keyboard has the same frame and has two USB 2.0 ports. Improving the iMac line, Apple added some features which make the new PCs different from the previous ones. The 24-inch model display has been made larger by 30 percent in comparison with the previous iMac desktop. Moreover, you can mount the 24-inch iMac on a wall and view photos or movies on its big screen. Unfortunately, the VESA Mount Adapter Kit, used for this purpose is sold separately. Additionally, the new line of iMac features the built-in iSight camera and microphone, which are installed in such a way that you barely see them, so they will not hinder you. And, of course, you will have more space on your table. The iMac is designed taking into consideration environmental problems.

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