Moissanite Jewelry Rings Provide Just the Right Touch
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It looks like a diamond ring, it sparkles like a diamond ring and it endures like diamond ring but it is definitely not a diamond ring. How do you know it's not a diamond ring? It's priced like a moissanite ring. There is a buzz in the fashion industry about moissanite rings and jewelry and it's getting around fast.

Moissanite is a mineral that was discovered over a century ago, but until a few years ago it was too rare to use as jewelry. Now, moissanite rings and jewelry are on the rise and not just because they're a diamond "substitute." Moissanite jewelry can actually be better looking than diamond jewelry because the stones have more "fire" and brilliance than diamonds. It's a measurable, scientific fact. Some stones posing as diamond look-alikes, cubic zirconia for example, have some shine and sparkle, but none of them come close to the diamond, much less exceed it.

By far the biggest benefit of purchasing moissanite rings and jewelry is the cost. A three stone moissanite ring, equaling two carats will probably run right around $1000. A similar diamond ring will set you back over $5000. Investing in moissanite jewelry rings is just as safe as investing in diamonds. They are harder than any other gemstones; diamonds are the only ones still harder, and moissanite is barely behind, making them just as durable and very appropriate for everyday wear. Moissanite jewelry rings also carry lifetime warranties most of the time. And just like diamonds, moissanite holds its value. More article click here..

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