Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Ideas
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When it comes to buying a wedding anniversary gift the ideas are endless. The internet can provide a huge selection of potential gift ideas that you may struggle to find in a store.

If you are buying a gift for a friend or family members anniversary keep in mind the length of time the couple have been married and the type of relationship they share, if the couple are close to you then it is worth investing a bit more time and money to find a more personal and meaningful gift.

If the wedding gift is for you partner then you may decide to go with tradition these are as follows

1 Year = Paper, ideas for anniversary gifts would include, a newspaper from the year you were married, paper money, gift vouchers, gift certificates.

2 Years = Cotton, A cotton shirt for your partner, a hand sewn card, Cotton underwear.

3 Years = Leather, anniversary gifts include leather briefcases, leather wallet, Shoes etc

4 Years = Linen, gift ideas would include bed linen, clothing, bed covers, silk scarf's

5 Years = Wood, Hand made wooden ornaments, Wooden carved chopping board, Plant a tree

6 Years = Iron Wedding anniversary gifts would include, iron statues, Irons, iron kitchen equipment

7 Years = wool, jumpers, wool scarf, clothing made from wool

8 Years = Bronze, Statues or sculptures are normally the best wedding anniversary gift for this year

9 Years = Copper, copper cups, copper ornaments, copper plant pots, copper bangle

10 Years = Tin or Aluminum wedding anniversary gifts such as a tin jewelry box or Personalized plaque

25 Years = Silver, Silver dinner service, silver necklace, silver picture frame, Silver Wine Box

30 Years = Pearl, Pearl Necklace, pearl cuff links, pearl earrings

40 Years = Ruby, Ideas for wedding anniversary gifts would be Ruby earrings or jewelry, ruby ring, ruby cufflinks.

50 Years = Gold, Gold ring, gold necklace, gold picture frame, gold wine goblets

60 Years = Diamond, Diamond earrings, jewelry, rings, studded frames

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